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How to Smite Out Good Items in Runescape

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  • August 23, 2021August 23, 2021

What does smiting out mean?
It is to use either the smite or soul split prayer to make an opponent in the wilderness lose all their prayer points and get a valuable item they would normally protect. Unfortunately, this only works in a pay to play world.
Finding the player with the highest chance to successfully smite.
So I’ve smited out an Armadyl Godsword and Dragon Claws so I have some experience in smiting out other players. Most of it is just pure luck, however, there are some ways I have found to increase your chances of smiting out your opponent. First of all, I find that most players who have been smited once never let it happen again so try finding someone who has never been smited for a good item before if possible. Another big advantage is fighting someone with only the normal prayer book. These players normally have 70 or below prayer levels so therefore are easier to smite. I like to look up my opponents high scores before I fight them, not only to see if they are easily smitable, but also if they have a high level skill I should be aware of.

How to smite out your opponent.
Even if your opponent isn’t very easy to smite, there are still some general rules to follow to increase your chances of smiting them. The first, and probably most obvious one, is if you EVER see their prayer drop, immediately go for the kill if you think you have a chance of killing him. Most of the time you will hit badly, however, when you do manage to kill him you will almost always get their item. Sometimes you get extremely unlucky and they manage to put protect item back on, but that rarely happens. Another tip that can help is one of the best times to kill your opponent is after he or she eats four or five times. This of course can vary from fight to fight but I find that I smite out items the most when I kill them around that time. If your a pure, you might want to try a little earlier since pures often don’t get past 52 prayer.

Keep on trying!
Even if you follow this guide perfectly, you will not smite out a player every time you kill them. I simply find that these methods increase the chances of smiting your opponent significantly. So don’t get discouraged! Make sure you keep your prayer up as well. Don’t wanna get to focused on smiting out your opponent and then get smited yourself! Most of all, have fun!