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World of Warcraft Alchemy Shadowlands Levelling Guide 1 to 175

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Alchemy is a part of the primary professions category where you gain the advantage of mixing various herbs that are gathered through the Herbalism professions to develop potions, flasks, elixirs, cauldrons, or oils. These generated items have a variety of unique effects, along with gems, elementals, and minerals. For instance, you can make concoctions to grant yourself invisibility, temporary luck while locating treasures, change in appearance, improve your stats, or even restore your mana and health, for this wow alchemy guide.

Alchemy is known to benefit every available class in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Melee players can make use of it to produce various buffs and healing potions, Spell Casters can use it to produce mana potions and other related buffs, or you can simply create potions and sell them to the other players or at the Auction House to generate profit, for this wow alchemy guide.

How do I start training Alchemy?

First, you have to learn the art of Shawlands Alchemy by locating an Alchemy Trainer called Elixirist Au’pyr, who can be found at the Hall of Shapes in Oribos, for wow leveling alchemy. The area is the Shadowlands city hub for both; Horde and Alliance factions. You arrive at the hub after completing the Shadowlands introduction quest, permitting you to learn new professional recipes before heading out on your journey. For a precise location, you can head to the following coordinates: 39.6 & 40.2.

Approximate Materials Required

133 x Rune Etched Vial, 328 x Death Blossom, 169 x Rising Glory, 104 x Marrowroot, 98 x Vigil’s Torch, and 70 x Widowbloom, for wow leveling alchemy. It’s not the exact number of materials that you will require, just an approximate, because there are multiple options or alternates at some parts of the guide that you can choose to go with for leveling up your Alchemy professions.

Important Information

Characters that are playing with the Goblin class have an advantage of +15 Alchemy due to their passive ability called Better Living Through Chemistry, for this alchemy leveling guide. Whereas characters playing as Kul Tiran have an advantage of +5 Alchemy thanks to their Jack of All Trades trait. If you have an extra Alchemy skill, it means that your recipes stay orange for longer. Thus, allowing you to save plenty of World Of Warcraft Gold by focusing on lower-leveled recipes to generate more skill points.

Levels 1 to 20

Start by making 8 Spiritual Healing Potions, requiring 16 Death Blossoms, Spiritual Mana Potions, requiring 16 Death Blossoms, and Spiritual Rejuvenation Potions, requiring 8 Spiritual Healing Potions and 8 Spiritual Mana Potions, until you reach level 20 in Alchemy, for this alchemy leveling guide.

Levels 20 to 60

Start by making 12 Grounded Death Blossoms, requiring 26 Death Blossoms. You can alternatively make Ground Rising Glory if you feel that Rising Glory is cheaper than Death Blossoms. Now, make 15 Potions of the Hidden Spirit, requiring 30 Death Blossoms and Rising Glory, followed by 10 Ground Marrowroot, requiring 20 Marrowroot, and 5 Potions of Soul Purity, requiring 10 Death Blossoms and 15 Vigil’s Torch until you reach level 60 in Alchemy.

Levels 60 to 110

Start by making 28 Potions of Specter Swiftness, requiring 56 Death Blossoms and 84 Marrowroot, followed by 22 Ground Vigil’s Torch, requiring 44 Vigil’s Torch, and 3 Potions of Psychopomp’s Speed, requiring 9 Rising Glory and 9 Vigil’s Torch. Now, switch to 10 Potions of Hardened Shadows, requiring 30 Vigil’s Torch and 30 Rising Glory. You can alternatively choose to make Potions of Spiritual Clarity if you think that Vigil’s Torch is much cheaper.

Levels 110 to 125

To cover these levels, you only have to make 14 Grounded Widowblooms, requiring 28 Widowblooms, till you reach level 125 in Alchemy. Alternatively, you can make 10 Crafter’s Mark 2, requiring 150 Death Blossoms, 50 Rune Etched Vials, and 50 Distilled Death Extract. You can purchase the recipe for it, from Ve’nari, who is an Elite NPC located in The Maw. Moving on, start making 7 Potions of Sacrificial Anima, requiring 42 Widowblooms, or alternatively, you can make the same recipe mentioned above; Crafter’s Mark 2.

Levels 125 to 170

Start by making 38 Crafter’s Mark 1, requiring 190 Death Blossoms, 38 Rune Etched Vials, and 114 Distilled Death Extracts. You can purchase Distilled Death Extracts from the NPC named Distributor Au’naci, who you can find nearby your Alchemy trainer. Moving on, make either 17 Potions of Spectral Agility, Potions of Spectral Strength, Potions of Spectral Stamina, or Potions of Spectral intellect, requiring 85 Widowblossoms, Rising Glory, Vigil’s Torch, or Marrowroot, respectively. You can alternatively make 13 Crafter’s Mark 2, requiring 195 Death Blossoms, 65 Rune Etched Vials, and 65 Distilled Death Extracts.

Levels 170 to 175

We recommend that you cover the last 5 levels by completing World Quests. Since you now have the ability to craft everything, there’s no real need to rush yourself. However, the only thing you won’t be able to craft is the Recipe called Eternal Cauldron, which required Revered Reputation Rank to purchase. But if you want to max out quickly, then we suggest that you make 5 Crafter’s Mark 2, requiring 75 Death Blossoms, 25 Rune Etched Vials, and 25 Distilled Death Extract, until you reach level 175 in Alchemy.