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Dragon Age: Origins is an “Epic” RPG

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  • August 14, 2021August 14, 2021

If you are a fan of other BioWare games such as Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, Dragon Age: Origins is a game for you. Although perhaps an overdramatized opinion, Dragon Age is undeniably an epic role-playing game.
The dark fantasy centers around your customizable avatar within the fictional land of Ferelden. The first few hours of the game vary with the race and class you select but each of the origin stories lead to the same series of events. Within said events is embedded a deep and interesting story in which amazing voice acting brings characters to life. Companions will accompany you as the plot rolls forward, bringing with them intriguing or amusing personalities. Their individual views of you change depending upon the moral choices your character faces along the course of your journey.

Dragon Age is a combat-heavy game containing a wide array of spells and abilities to keep you entertained. Many of the attacks have their own properties and cool-down times. Like a typical RPG, the battles you may run into are often tactical but occur in real-time with the option to pause mid-combat. The party members you accumulate will join you during your quests and fight along side you, capable of being under your command as well. You can edit their battle behavior and tactics to make them more independent and efficient. A nice feature implemented in the game is that when you gain more than four allies they become interchangeable from a campsite area. The characters you are not currently questing with will receive experience and level up along with the ones you are controlling.

While combat may be predominant at times, maintaining relationships with comrades will envelope you in the world and make the experience much more personal. Not only will they interact with your character but with one another so smoothly that the dialogue feels genuine. Your standings with your associates may be nurtured to suit your fancy. Completing a quest he or she approves of or giving him or her gifts will naturally produce a positive reaction. You may also develop romances if you play your cards right.

Dragon Age: Origins is available on Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 and can be completed in around 50 hours of game play. However, once you reach the ending you will likely be ready to start it again and begin climbing various skill trees, maintaining relationships differently, and strolling down another moral route. With great sincerity, I highly recommend the role-playing game to anyone intrigued.